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The People have Spoken - The Last Dance Collection

  Inspired by the Netflix doco 'The Last Dance', our customers have created their own collection, taking our 'Limitless' black n white printed hoodie, to another level! By creating a coloured printed version in a colour hoodie of their choice - The people spoken - RED, WHITE, BLACK 'n' GREY

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It's been a while since our last drop. We've been busy, pumping out some exciting stuff - coming at you in 2018!  We're kicking it off with our winter collection 'DMRP - Don't let your Mind Rob your Potential, dropping in July.  We take it for granted that everyone should know the meaning behind DMRP, this isn't the case. So we're running a campaign purely around the concept of DMRP.In this collection we've played on trends and colours such as the baggy, large print, sunset colours look, amid bringing the  DMRP concept home.As always we can't wait to drop our latest collection with more exciting news on it's way.

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Revolution takes time

What's your center First of all we wanna thank you for your patience and we appreciate your emails and pm's, in copping our latest release. Cos' we strive to give our family the best and that's what you expect, we're working on exactly that.' We opted to make minor changes to the product to deliver you 'the best' causing a delay. We just wanna stay loyal and transparent with our customers cos 'that's just what family do'. Apologies from DMRP we'll be dropping these early in the new year and will keep you our family updated -Revolution takes time, we won't disappoint  

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