Picture this!

When it comes to the weekend or a special event, we're either one of two people. We've sussed out our wardrobe a week or two, even a month, before an important event OR we work better under pressure, chucking it together on the day!
Either way we get our creative juices flowing and visualise what would work.
Truth is, some are better at this than others and that's where we come in.....We're playin' up with photoshop!

We thought we'd bring some fun into helping you out with your visual wardrobe. We've photoshopped a few pics of our UR_STORY collection and dressed them on some of the most influential fashion icons, hip hop artists and eventually bringing other twists to it which will reveal itself along the way. Helping you out with your shopping needs. 

Follow us on this nostalgic, comical,wacky, mind blowing, epiphanic (call it what you want) journey, you'll love what we've come with. You'll be surprised how it'll all work itself out.

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