OUR WHY....To empower freedom thinking in the minds of the broken hearted, the lost, the neglected and the weary and to inspire healing, restoration and growth.

We want to empower people to realise the limitless unleashing of their potential.
We want people to dream and dream big. More importantly, to affirmatively act upon these dreams.

Mission statement - Don't let your Mind Rob your Potential aims to encourage and motivate prosperous living and to instil the belief that one can discover their full potential and it’s unlimited power.

1) We are a faith based company. Jesus Christ is the centre and the foundation of DMRP.
2) We are steadfast believers in the DMRP message – Don’t let your Mind Rob your Potential.
3) We believe in challenging mindsets and attitudes, and encouraging hope and restoration.
4) We believe in partnering with factories to improve working conditions so as to ensure the positive well-being of employees, including an integral supply chain.

The actions listed below are not opportunities to blow our trumpet or for marketing leveraging purposes. This is the heartbeat of DMRP. This is OUR streetwear culture.

We go where we're lead. Where there's a need. We're actively involved within our local communities, feeding the streets on a weekly basis, delivering food parcels, sowing into youth creative and design programmes and providing free coaching for those who are ready for change.