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Cheers for asking

Why are your products expensive? It’ll be hard to sleep at night if we weren’t followers of our own message. We aim to partner with suppliers who support the positive well being of their workers, including integral supply chain. Paying a higher rate for our product including reusing fabrics, is our way of supporting positive well being of workers, farms, small and local businesses. With constant learning and development in this space.  Not sure if it’s for me? You’re probably right, DMRP is not for everyone. Our intent is to “be exclusive”, “be different”. We try not to be like everyone else. “Don’t let your Mind Rob your Potential” is to be you! Just as we encourage our customers in our...

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Camo on-trend 2020/2021

Vogue Paris, fashion article writes the camouflage print is the ultimate trend for Fall/Winter 2020-2021 The most important tip to wearing camo - wear it how you wanna wear it! - DMRP Sign up to read our full article             

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The People have Spoken - The Last Dance Collection

  Inspired by the Netflix doco 'The Last Dance', our customers have created their own collection, taking our 'Limitless' black n white printed hoodie, to another level! By creating a coloured printed version in a colour hoodie of their choice - The people spoken - RED, WHITE, BLACK 'n' GREY

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