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Why are your products expensive?

It’ll be hard to sleep at night if we weren’t followers of our own message. We aim to partner with suppliers who support the positive well being of their workers, including integral supply chain. Paying a higher rate for our product including reusing fabrics, is our way of supporting positive well being of workers, farms, small and local businesses. With constant learning and development in this space. 

Not sure if it’s for me?

You’re probably right, DMRP is not for everyone. Our intent is to “be exclusive”, “be different”. We try not to be like everyone else. “Don’t let your Mind Rob your Potential” is to be you! Just as we encourage our customers in our 3 step plan. Shop “to be you”. It’s the strength behind YOUR decision to purchase. 

Will you be extending your range?

Exclusivity is important and we know this of most of our customers. However, growth is enabling us to extend our range 2021. Still maintaining exclusivity by keeping limited stock levels.

Are you going to do kids clothes? 

Yep. But we don’t wanna do kids clothes just for the sake of it, or cos’ everyone else is doing it. Quality is essential whether it be the garment itself, the print or the cut and sew. To be in line with the DMRP message and the aesthetics like that of the adult range, we wanna get it right.  Watch this space.

What projects have you got coming up?

Since advertising with British GQ magazine we’ve been approached by other influential magazines, something we’re currently working on. We’re also looking at collabs, not necessarily other clothing brands.


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