'Kiwi' Instagram follower on NYC 'eats'

Well I have to say we didn't expect to find many places selling real food without all the yucky stuff. We discovered Whole Foods which has now been bought out by Amazon prime. They sell locally grown organic food, non gmo products and the food made onsite is real good. We decided to stay in Bushwick, Brooklyn which is next door to Williamsburg where I wanted to stay but it's too expensive. Nice chic, hip area with great restaurants, eateries, cafes and a Saturday market where there's great chef's.
Another thing I wanted to mention was you can get cheap eats at the local corner deli. You can get a kebab for $1.75, a bacon, egg n cheese roll for $2.00 and surrounding us was some good organic stores that are open 24hrs.
It's called Smorgasburg and the one we visited was in Williamsburg. Here is the website https://www.smorgasburg.com
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